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JEFFREY St JOHN has been around for quite a while. A well known peformer of the Australian music industry from the 60's onwards to today. Likewise the recording and touring musicians who share the stage with him, THE EMBERS.
During this period, he always had the skills of excellent musicians behind him, including THE ID, COPPERWINE, ASYLUM, KIM HUMPHREYS BAND and others.
He also spent a considerable amount of time on both the Australian and O/S touring circuits. There are many other accolades accorded to him, too numerous to list here.

After moving base to Perth in '96, he teamed up with his old friend "Ace" Follington, who took him down to see The Zydecats perform one night, they in turn got Jeffrey up on stage to sing. Jeff enjoyed it enough to put an idea and an act together. With Ace's help, he found the best people in town who were in tune with Jeffreys ideas, and after a short period The Embers were formed. The idea being to create a show consisting of the classics from the 30' and 40's by writers/composers like Rogers & Hammerstein, George & Ira Gershwin, Errol Garner, and an interesting arrangement of Lennon & McCartneys' "You Can't Do That". The CD finishes off with De Sylva, Brown & Hendersons' "Birth of The Blues".

It worked, Jeffrey and the band started a 4 week season at Clancys here in Fremantle, Perth, W.A. that turned into a 72 week season! Jeffrey blames Ace for bringing him out of retirement, but if he hadn't, Perth and Australia would be without one of the best vocalists to ever come along.

The Embers have all had success in their own right, and their respective careers and discographies can be found on the Biographies page.

On the previously released C.D. "Will the Real Jeff St. John Please Stand Up?", the musical credits are as follows.

Jeffrey St. John: Vocals.

The Embers:

Russell Smith, All guitars and vocals.

Bill Blissett: Keyboards & vocals.

Greg Thomson: Bass & vocals. *

"Ace" Follington: Drums.

Special thanks to Annie Neil for her contributions on "Fascinatin' Rythm" and "You Can't Do That". CD Mastering was done by Lee Buddle (Sound Mine Studios, Perth).

A review of the CD has been done by Paul Culnane for the MilesAgo website . A very nice review if I say so myself! :-) Click on the link to read the review,

This combination of players is what makes the musical representations on the C.D., and the live stage performance, so damned good!

NB: * Greg left the band after 2 years or so of wonderfull musical contributions to pursue a different career path, and was replaced by Peter "Slatts" Slatter. Thank you Greg, for your contributions, and good company.

Jeffrey and the band also had a ball doing a couple of shows in Munich, Germany in October 2005. The main show was for the major Spinal Research Centre there, with a smaller show at the well known Palm Haus, also in Munich. You can have a look at the main venue by going to and clicking on the MediaCenter link which gives you the English version of what's there. More than likely a follow up show will be done here again soon.

The other smaller venue is The Palm House which is more an upmarket retaurant that also caters to private shows.

We'd like to thank David (and Jordy) Kilby in ABC Radio, Canberra, for all the support they gave us in coverage. Many thanks guys.

If you'd like to have a look at the artists and bands that made Australias musical history, here's a very good site to visit:

"" (The address is correct).This page has so much info on Australian artists, past & present, that you really can't go past it. (no pun intended) You can also find them in the Yahoo EGroups section under " Rock n Roll Scars"



As mentioned lower in the piece, the National Film and Sound Archive has a good collection of Jeffrey's earlier work in it's archives. Click on the link to access them NFSA , there is also a possibility that there will be archived footage of Jeffrey sharing the stage with Bo Diddley at the Hordern pavilion Sydney in 1973 thanks to footage found after many years.

There is now a new site containg songs co-written by Jeffrey and Michael Gray (Keyboards/keyboard bass in The Asylum band) from 1981 to 1982. A good site written by Michael, with a good selection of songs on it. Go to the site and have a listen, works best with Internet Explorer "Jeffrey St John-The Invisible Years" . ENJOY!!

Christmas in the park ....

Cockburn City Council has a party annually, celebrating abilities gained for all the special needs children in the Cockburn Shire. the kids have a lot of fun at these events, with Jumping Castles, free ice cream, entertainment, and all the other goodies for these special occasions. This year they had a special treat, their very own Hot Rod Santa!! Who else do you know that has a Harley-Davidson sleigh? :-)

Jeffrey as Hot Rod Santa at Cockburn Council kids Xmas party












An auspicious date. On September 11 2007 , The Jeffrey St John Achievement Centre will be opened at the offices of the Mosaic Foundation in O'Connor, Perth. A milestone indeed, and a great achievement for all involved in what is a much needed support system for disabled people. Have a look at their web site, MOSAIC. Here's a pic of Jeffrey and Minister for The Arts, Ms Sheila McHale at the opening. Click on it for full size image.

Jeffrey and Minister for The Arts, Ms Sheila McHale.







Michael Gray and Jeffrey were busy little creators over the last decades, and the end result is that their compilation of original material has now been given to the National Archives for posterity. The National Archives will also be the recipients of archival footage of Jeffrey on stage with Bo Diddley at the Horden Pavilion circa 1973/4. They have shown keen interest in maintaining these wonderfull records of Australian music history, and the artists who made it.

For those not able to attend the show at Manning Park , it went well. The music was well received, with the inclusion of a nice re-arrangement of the Stevie Wonder hit "For Once In My Life".

A very nice day in a very nice setting. Jeffrey and the band send their thanks to Cassandra at Cockurn Council for setting it up.

1) Jeffrey was recently approached by Cockburn Council here in W.A. to give motivational talks to groups of disabled people. The talks were a huge success, with those attending seeing that being in a wheelchair does not have to be a drawback to having an active lifestyle. More talks are in the pipeline. The follow on has been that he's been asked to sit on the committee for the $700 million Coogee Redevelopment.

2) There was a takeover of Festival Records by Warner Bros, which created some uncertainty in the industry as to the effect on artists back catalogues etc. within Australia.

3) In news to hand, Jeffreys back catalogue is still available through Warner Bros. The "Survivor" compilation is still available through this medium, so if you'd like to purchase it, you should be able to through your record store by telling them it's via Warner Bros. You can also find it via some O/S music sites who deal in those catalogues. Another company called Vicious Sloth records has licenced the "Joint Effort" recording.

Type in  “Joint Effort ” or “Copperwine” or " Teach Me How To Fly" (by) Jeff St John” into your search engine, and you’ll also find several webpages listed overseas, mainly in Germany and other parts of Europe who have it for sale.

The CD is available in Perth at: 78 Records, 914 Hay St. Perth. (9322-6384)

Mills Records, 22 Adelaide St. Fremantle (9335-1945). and at Jumbo Music Shop 12, 258 Canning H'way Bicton Ph: 9319 9033.

In Sydney, contact Redeye Records at 66 King St Sydney, Ph: 9299 4233, or email them at:

In Canberra: The CD is available at Impact Records (02) 6247-4401. Email them at:




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JEFFREY IS EXTREMELY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE (as he has on Facebook), that his autobiography has been published, and is available for sale. The OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH is listed below for your perusal.

He would be happy to see you attend on the night in question, it promises to be an interesting evening.


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Jeffrey has done a number of radio interviews. These links were correct at the time of publication, please check with the relevant radio station if they are not on their server or archives.

ABC Radio Interviews :

The audio of this is: (N.B.) This is in Real Audio MetaFile format, and is the stations choice of media.

Two other interviews: Simon Carey at Radio WSFM in Sydney, and John Broughton at Radio 3SER in Melbourne.

Please check the stations' web sites for streaming audio and files of these interviews.


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